The Journey Continues

It was a dark and frigid January afternoon. The commute home had begun. After a winter snow squall, the typical 45 commute home took 3 plus hours. The commute was long and painful but all that mattered was I arrived home safe. The year was 2004.

Safety. An important element in everything we do and preach to our kids. Be Safe. Companies have entire programs devoted to safety. Slogans like “Safety is a way of life” and “Safety is our number 1 priority!”. Starting your own boutique business is not a safe bet. Many questions surrounded the decision to start a company. One question I kept going back to was, “What is the worst that can happen”? Failure?! I knew what I needed to do if this scenario played out. I concluded, I would shut down the business and work for someone else. I would be moving to another career opportunity but with the added experience of a startup company. Suddenly, the big goal of starting a business was looking more appealing.

The years is now 2019. We are not a multi-million dollar company. We have not been bought out. SUB3 is one of the 30.2M small business in the United States. SUB3 is thankful for continuing to be on the journey….

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