P6 EPPM – Configure Me

The configuration workshop will be helpful under a variety of scenarios. 

Oracle Primavera – P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) is a custom of the shelf software (COTS).  Today, the software is ready to use upon being available from the Cloud.  The caution if that many clients start using the software without thinking about the long-term strategy that should be in place.   In a nutshell, the configuration workshop is vital for clients, so they do not box themselves into a corner when it comes time to add future features or integration points.  The configuration should be robust, yet flexible.  Only veteran P6 Implementation Consultants should be utilized in the configuration workshop. 

Below are some insights to maximize your return on investment:   

Migration Strategy

  • What is the client going to do with the current project schedules? 
  • What will be the ‘cut off’ point for active projects?  
  • Will the client complete projects that are past a certain phase in the current software package? 
  • Who will be part of the mapping exercise to bring in legacy software schedules?
  • What is the expected duration for user acceptance testing (UAT)?
  • What will be savings for sunsetting the current software?

Clients moving from P6 Professional to P6 EPPM

  • Where have all the Administration features gone?  
  • What Layouts we desire to migrate to P6 views to keep consistency?
  • What is the reporting Strategy in terms of P6 Professional Reports versus P6 EPPM Business Intelligence (BI) Reports?
  • What is the extent of Change Management?
    • When is additional coaching and support for users going to happen?

Clients moving to the Cloud

  • What innovation projects & programs can the client’s resources now be allocated to?
  • What sort of security may need to be adjusted due to internal / external schedules. 
  • What other considerations should be made moving to the Cloud?

Clients upgrading to a new version

  • What are the new features that have been introduced since the last release?
  • What impact does this have on the corporation?
  • New or revised process or procedure’s?
  • Additional training or workshops that will be available?


SUB3 is an Oracle Partner that has been conducting Configuration Workshop since the software inception in 1999.   The configuration workshops repository includes a variety of vertical markets.  We can work directly with your organization and/or partner with existing   consulting organization to provide a best of breed configuration. To find out how the Configuration Workshop can benefit your organization, please contact us at info@sub3mgmt.com

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