Our SUB3 leadership team consists of the following industry veterans.

Jack Byers – Chief Analytics Officer

Jack Byers is SUB3’s Analytics and report executive. Jack leverages his investigation and communication skills by mapping business and technology solutions to complex problems. He consistently produces Dashboards and Business Intelligence reports that exceed customer expectations. Jack has been working in project management for close to 18 years. Jack is also the Managing Director of Independent Project Management.

Bill Hyde – Chief Executive Officer

Bill Hyde is SUB3’s CEO. He is responsible for the strategic and operations success of SUB3. Bill works on project management implementations to drive a client’s return on investment. His experience includes project financial forecasting, demand and capacity management, as well program and project management. Bill has been working in project management for 20 years. Bill served as President and was on the Board of Directors for Project Management Institute – Delaware Valley Chapter (PMI-DVC).

Ben Mukoro – Chief Technology Officer

Ben Mukoro is SUB3’s CTO. Ben is a superior technical resource that can make complex ecosystems easy to understand. He successfully guides client to leverage current industry standards while providing additional value add. Ben provides clients many services such as upgrade recommendations and integration paths. Ben has been working in project management for close to two decades. Ben is also the Founder of Integration Faces.

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